Craig & Patti Wendel

Craig and Patti Wendel are the founding pastors of Southpoint Church in Southaven, Mississippi. Southpoint launched on Labor Day weekend in 2006.  Southaven has a population of 45,000, but Southpoint Church is comprised of members from towns as small as Walls (pop: 1250) and Hernando (pop: 15,000) to a new influx of people from Memphis.


Craig and Patti married in 1993 and have 3 children. They have been in full-time ministry since they married and their work has included youth, missions, executive and administration.  Along the way they have discovered there is a difference in ministering to large cities when compared to the dynamics of a small city or town. It is in the context of small town ministry that the love of Jesus is not just experienced, but walked out every single day in front of the people that we encounter daily. The church in a small town is less ‘anonymous’ and has the opportunity to be a significant catalyst of change because the whole town is more aware of their presence and their presentation of Christ.   Craig and Patti have a desire to help small town churches and pastors capitalize on their town’s particular dynamic by helping them create an environment where the unchurched or dechurched will easily understand and accept the Gospel of Christ.