Chad & Melinda Waller

Chad and Melinda Waller moved back to their hometown of Tennille, Ga. (population 1400) to start Victory Central Church in 2004.  They relaunched the church in 2011 as VC2 and have seen tremendous growth in the life and health of the church.  VC2 has not only grown stronger within, the church has gained tremendous influence within their city and with other pastoral leaders in their region.


Chad and Melinda believe strongly that the next big move of God in the U.S. will be among small town churches and, along with Tony and Sheryll Ashmore, birthed smalltown.church to help other small town pastors reach their full Kingdom potential!  They have a strong desire to help churches achieve what they call ‘generational synergy’—creating a culture where every generation sees themselves as partners with the generations before and after them in extending God’s Kingdom to every small town in America.  VC2’s growth and health can be attributed, in a large part, to how the Lord has created this generational synergy among them.  Every member, youngest and oldest, feel they are important to the life and vitality of their church and the result is a church that impacts a city and a region!