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The Hope & Creativity Connection

The Hope & Creativity Connection

There is a connection between hope and creativity. In fact, I believe hope stirs up creativity. We don't create because we don't like what we see, but rather because we simply see something different in our hearts. We see how things can be better. We don't have to worry or waste time focusing on what is wrong, we just find what is right and focus on that.


What do you feel to create that will make a difference? Focus on that!


Too many people seem gifted in cretic but the world doesn't really need anymore cretics but rather needs people who can rise up to make a difference!

The strong connection between hope and creativity can be clearly seen in the fact that when people misplace their hope they loose their creativity. One influences the other. It seems to me they go hand in hand. When hope is suppressed or deferred, the heart seems to give up believing that things can change or get better. Proverbs 13:12 even tells us that hope deferred makes the heart sick. When we stop believing that God's goodness prevails, we begin to give up trying to make a difference. Thusly, we stop living in the incredible power of creativity!

Think of McGiver, one of my childhood heroes, who always found a way out of any situation. (I have been notified by people much hipper than I that not everyone knows who McGiver is. This alone caused me to morn for this generation. Really, you should go find an episode of this old show and watch it.) He could always see that there was something to be done to change the situation. He never gave up. He knew there was something to be created that could change the present circumstance. And he always gave it a try to see if he could find a way to change things. He had hope that things could be different and it produced or released creativity in him.


When one gives up and refuses to try, creativity is not present.


Why would any creative idea come to the one who thinks things cannot change?

2 Corinthians 3:12 "Since we have such a hope, we are very bold..."

This scripture is big for those of us focused on the hope-filled gospel. This rich salvation that has filled us with hope causes us to be very bold in believing that Father's goodness will prevail no matter what happens in this world. We believe that the Great Creator can still use us, His creation, to accomplish His will on the earth. We have a hope that is based on what He has done, what He can do, and what He desires to do and not based on us or our abilities. This hope produces in us a boldness that some may confuse as arrogance. It is not.

As we dare to trust in the goodness of God, we are filled with hope that He has good plans and that He wants to do things through His people to bring change on earth that will bless and draw others to His glory and goodness. In this hope, we find inspiration to create. Things are birthed into our spirits as we commune with God and as we release this creativity on earth, God is glorified.

Hope produces in us a bold confidence, that as we create, things can get better!

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