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What's My Motivation?

Creating From A Place Of Hope: Motivation

The birth place of our creativity is so important. We see something that we believe we can make a difference in, we have an idea, an invention or simply a new way of doing something that is going to make things better, but what motivated us to see this? Is it hurt or hope? I find the two positions will often effect the outcome. I also find they are worlds apart.

Living with hurt, instead of forgiving, allowing God to heal it and moving on into wholeness, produces an overwhelming selfishness in our lives. When in this condition, everything we do seems infected by that hurt. Even when we create things, it comes from a place of selfishness and self-serving desires.

The difference in creating from a place of hurt or a place of hope speaks to the amount of healing we have allowed our hearts to experience. I have encountered folks who were hurt in church so they launched out to do church "differently" because "nobody was doing it right" and they had creative ideas that they believed would make a difference. The problem is simple:


Unless we allow God to deal with our hurt and bring us into healing, we will birth things from that place of hurt.


The greatest of ideas and best laid plans, though maybe well meaning, will be seasoned with flavors of resentment and bitterness and will possibly only lead to more hurt. We must learn to create from a place of hope.

Hurt can be such a subtle thing. I believe it is easier for some people to cover or hide hurts more than others. Many of us may express our hurt and possibly are even very vocal about it while others tend to hide the fact that anything bothers them. Either way, if not dealt with, hurt produces things in our lives that are toxic. The hurt of rejection from a parent that caused you to swear to never be like them, the pain from an abuse or the sting of a broken relationship all produce within many of us a desire to not allow that to happen to us again. And this leads us to create something else. The proverbial "I'm going to make something out of my life" promise that we make, sets in motion an attempt to create out of hurt and not out of hope. The difference is the heart.


Hurt can cripple our ability to create by the power of the Holy Spirit and to walk in all that Father has for us.


That is why it is so important that we forgive, let go of the past, stop living as broken people who have simply been rescued for some future event and start living like the sons and daughters of the Most High God! This does not mean you simply forget what has happened that might have caused you hurt, but it does mean you deny it the right to hurt you or control you any longer!

Children of God were born again into hope! Our God is a God of hope! We have the creative force of the Universe living inside of us and the power to create and form things because our Father has made us in His image and filled us with creative ability. All of us! We no longer seek to change things because we have to prove anything to anyone. Sons don't need to prove anything to anyone.


We seek to create, release, and extend the Kingdom because we are filled with the confidence that our Father desires good for all men.


We see things that can be different and better because we have ideas, witty inventions, better plans and we release these, filled with the confidence that God's goodness prevails in all situations!

We create from a place of hope knowing our Father's goodness prevails!

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