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Creating From A Place Of Hope

Creativity is seen by some as a gift only a few have. Often I have heard people lament about their lack of creativity while praising someone else who seemingly had an overflow of it. However, I do not believe this is the truth. Perhaps people confuse artistic abilities and creative abilities. The first, admittedly only some have; but the latter, creativity, I believe we all have. Allow me to explain my point.

In Genesis we read the creation story and we are told that God made us in His image. We were created and then given a command:


“Be fruitful and multiply...” (Genesis 1:28)


This command has often been seen as a command to have lots of kids, but I don’t believe that was the primary concern here. The word used in the Hebrew for fruitful is parah and means to bear fruit, to flourish, increase, grow, and bring forth. The word for multiply is rabah, meaning be or become, much great, grow or bring into abundance.

So God made us in His image and then told us to go and bear fruit, to flourish, increase, grow and bring forth. He told us to become or grow or bing into abundance. This certainly sounds like the ability to create was passed on to us in creation. The creator made us in His image, I believe, with the ability to create.


We all have creative power. Even the one who is not artistically creative.


Think about the guy with a problem in his shop. Maybe he needs a tool to work on something and doesn’t have the right one. He takes two different tools, puts them together, making what he does have work in a creative way instead of focusing on what he doesn’t have. We would say this guy got – that’s right – "creative!" You can apply this to so many places and so many instances when we find a way to make something work when there seemed to be no way. It has even produced a saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” But I disagree. Necessity spurs the need for an invention or for something different but hope is the womb out of which something is born. The need was always there. It wasn’t until someone hoped that it could be different, that something was born. Out of this hope, creativity rises to change things. This is the basic idea of creating from a place of hope.

Hope is not a wish. When we hope for something, we are not wishing that something would happen. Biblical hope is a confident expectation that the goodness of our Father God always prevails. It is simple trust in the goodness of God!


This is the place we create from–a place of confidence in the goodness of God.


I believe creativity is a God given part of each of the sons and daughters of the Father God. We are all creating something and we are all creating from some place. I believe we either create from a place of hurt or a place of hope. We form our worlds with the words we speak. Creating from a place of hope is not creating from desperation, but rather from a deep seated knowledge that Father’s goodness can change the situation or that there is a better way. As we create in hope, we are not wishing something into existence but we are releasing something that is already in existence in the heart of Father. We reach into the heart of Father to release on earth what he has desired.

As a pastor or leader in a small town church, you often have to be very creative in finding ways to accomplish the vision. Even when it seems that you don't have all you need to do what you feel called to do, the one thing you do have is creative ability given to you by your Creator! He has made you in His image and given you the ability and grace to fulfill the mission! And even though the towns we pastor may be small, the God who loves them, and desires they come to know His love, is BIG! He loves these small towns and is doing something big in the small! There is hope for small towns!

The Church is stepping into its strongest and most powerful hour. We are finding out the truth of our sonship and our purpose to release heaven on earth. We are discovering the truth of Father’s goodness and His grace and glory are flowing through the Body of Christ in a powerful way. We are awakening to the hope we have. We are rising with a confident expectation that we can make a difference. We can create with a confident expectation of things getting better. This is not arrogance, but rather is true confidence! Hope produces in us a bold confidence.

2 Corinthians 3:12 “Since we have such a hope, we are very bold...”

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