James Johnson-Hill and Nece Hill

James Johnson-Hill is the first generation of his family NOT born in Mississippi.  But in 2009, James and his wife, Nece, felt the Lord calling them back to his family’s roots in Laurel, Mississippi to plant a life-giving church and finish a work that started long before they arrived.  Laurel has a population of 17,000 and in April 2010, Agape Church was launched. 


James and Nece are passionate about the church demonstrating how Jesus and the power of God can be the catalyst in transforming a city. They love their small town and want to help other small town churches succeed.  In a small town, everything matters and everything is noticeable. Churches in small towns have the opportunity and ability to positively impact their cities in ways that are difficult in larger cities. A life giving church in a small town can literally change the spiritual climate, which will have an impact on the economy, politics, education and race relations.  James and Nece have been married since 2001 and have four children.