Steve & Barbara Brown

Steve and Barbara serve as lead pastors of West Metro Church in Douglasville, GA since November 1, 2015 with a population of 31,890 people.  They have served in pastoral leadership since 1984 and for the past twelve years have focused on church planting and revitalization.  They have three adult children and two grandchildren.


Steve and Barbara believe Acts 1:8 sets a goal for every church to have at least four ‘pulpits’ and those pulpits only happen when churches are healthy.  Many small towns do not have a church, let alone a healthy church.  Healthy  churches produce healthy disciples and healthy disciples produce amazing leaders who, in turn, plant churches, which reach lost people.  Therefore it is our dream to help birth or revive a healthy church in every small town in America.  We endeavor to do that through revitalization of existing congregations or planting new churches.  This is a “God-sized” dream and the Browns look forward to using all they have learned in over 30 years of ministry to help others in all the new small town partnerships awaiting them.