Tony & Sheryll Ashmore

Tony and Sheryll Ashmore pastor LifeGate Church in Villa Rica, GA.  They started LifeGate in February 2004.  Villa Rica has a population of 13,900. Tony and Sheryll have been in pastoral ministry since 1987 and have served churches in every area from administrative to Senior Pastor.  Together, they have planted five churches, in areas ranging in population from 1900 to over a million. 


They live in a small town and love it.  They believe every small town should have a great life-giving church.  Their pastoral lives were changed forever by their friendship with Billy Hornsby, founder of the Association of Related Churches.  Billy believed in them and became a spiritual parent to them, helping them achieve the dreams God had placed in their hearts for LifeGate and Villa Rica.  Tony and Sheryll feel compelled to do the same thing for other small town pastors and, along with Chad and Melinda Waller, birthed smalltown.church to help do that. They were married in 1975 and have 3 married children and 7 grandchildren.